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Beautiful Flower Motif Rugs Design by Piodao

Floral Rugs Piodao

Floral Rugs Piodao – red rugs design ideas

This is beautiful rugs with red flower motif and very soft when our feet touched this carpet. Inspired by the blossoming fields around Piodao, region of Portugal. Made of 100% New Zealand wool, the vibrant red and green color scheme adds a lively pop of color to any room. These rugs are available in three sizes: square (2 by 2 meters), rectangle (1.7 by 2.4 meters) and large (2 by 3 meters), well suited to large and small spaces.

Beautiful Flower Motif Rugs Piodao

Beautiful Flower Motif Rugs Piodao – comfortable rugs design

Flower Rugs Piodao

Flower Rugs Piodao – rugs with flower shape

Floral Carpet Piodao

Floral Carpet Piodao – rugs with flower motif

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