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Modern Lamp Design by Marchetti- Brillo Lamp

Beautiful Lamps by Marchetti

Beautiful Lamps by Marchetti – modern lamps design

When you see  Brillo Lamp which has been designed by Marchetti, you would strongly agree on the opinion of the designer, who has a belief that good lighting greatly affects our senses, perceptions and emotions us. Brillo lamp has modern  shape, glamorous but has a classic side, reminiscent of a large chandelier. This lamp looks funky but elegant. This lamp is made of a rigid material, the manufacturing process must be precise in order to form a square to provide suitable current at the time of cut crystal, this is like a symbol of timeless elegance. Good process during manufacture of the lamp, making the light emitted to be very flexible so it can easily adapt to any style, blending perfectly with the different environments. You may also decorate your space with Brillo lamp and it would look very elegant.

Contemporary Lamps by Marchetti

Contemporary Lamps by Marchetti – lighting modern design

Elegant Lamps by Marchetti

Elegant Lamps by Marchetti – fungky lamps design

Modern Lamps by Marchetti

Modern Lamps by Marchetti – elegant lamps design

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