HomeNew..! Concept of Luxury Progetto50 Kitchen by Toncelli

New..! Concept of Luxury Progetto50 Kitchen by Toncelli

Natural Kitchen Design Progetto50

Natural Kitchen Design Progetto50 – special kitchen design

Tuscan artists still plays an important role in the Toncelli kitchens and now..! featuring Progetto50 kitchen is unique, opulent  and full of history. Only by getting back to our origins we realized that the discovery of our past was the key factor to understand the challange that would have taken us into the future. With using strong and emotional materials like wood, cement, marble and leather, they are expertly crafted and transformed into these designs that will warm up your home simultaneously providing an imposing richness. Combine soft color and natural color from material  is a very special design in this kitchen. The unique collection includes a variety of modern kitchen islands and storage units, which are nicely complimented by their impressive cellar and cocktail units. An impressive kitchen and you will be proud to have it. Find further information on Toncelli

Progetto50 Unique Kitchens

Progetto50 Unique Kitchens – modern kitchen design

Modern Kitchen Design Progetto50

Modern Kitchen Design Progetto50 – luxury kitchen design

Luxury Kitchen Design Progetto50

Luxury Kitchen Design Progetto50 – unique kitchen design ideas

Unique Kitchen Design Progetto50

Unique Kitchen Design Progetto50 – kitchen design with natural material

Progetto50 Modern Kitchen

Progetto50 Modern Kitchen

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