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New Glass Pendant Lamps by Prandina

Glass Lamp Design Prandina

Glass Lamp Design Prandina – unique lamps

Introducing new blown glass pendant lamps based in the Prandina, showed off four lamp called Tiara, Gong, Bloom and Chorus. The color is dark and shiny making this lamp looks luxury in every room even you can combine of color. Tiara is pure elegance, and our favorite. The bottom part of the diffuser has a slightly truncated cone shape upon which a perfectly circular shape sits. Only a line of light separates the seamlessness between these shapes and gives this lamp such charm. Gong is like a cocoon; strong yet delicate encasing something beautiful. In this case, it’s light. Bloom is the mysterious one; providing up and down lighting, this lamp gives off a nice diffused light to enhance the ambiance. A separate form of lights offers beauty, gives effect in space, it’s a beautiful lamp from Prandina. Enjoy.!

Blown Glass Prandina

Blown Glass Prandina – blown glass lamp

Blown Glass Lamps Prandina

Blown Glass Lamps Prandina – glass lamp pendant

Decorative Lamp Prandina

Decorative Lamp Prandina – modern glass lamp

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